Thinking about working with a coach?

Coaching is really beneficial when you’re ready for a change in life, big or small, but are feeling stuck or lacking in direction.

A good coach will be able to work with you to investigate the blocks that you are experiencing and help you set S.M.A.R.T goals to move you forward in your transition.

There is a wide variety of coaching types available, from Executive to Mindset, so do some research before committing to what feels right for you. Often coaches will offer a free 20 minute “chemistry session” so you can decide whether it is something you would like to continue with.

If you feel like you fit the below criteria, then coaching could very well be a great option for you in your life.

  • Ready and willing for change
  • Unsure where to start
  • Looking for ways to reduce stress and live life more purposefully
  • Open to working with different tools and techniques
  • Willing to investigate beliefs that may not be serving you
  • Willing to be accountable and action orientated