What our clients say about us


If you’re considering coaching, I would highly recommend Clara. Not only is she professional, she is also very approachable and easy to connect with.

Professionally, Clara helped me work through my own limiting beliefs that were holding me back at work. She gave me tools to use, along with a bitesize plan that helped me on a journey to tackling my fears and making progress where I felt I was falling short. This was especially helpful after making huge changes in my career.

Clara also guided me through how to structure a balanced lifestyle, to stop me from burning out. She helped me understand the importance of dividing time between the areas of life that are important to me and fulfilling. Having a structure in place allowed me to consciously split my time into zones that were more geared towards finding a more holistic and a better-balanced lifestyle.


Clara is an intuitive life coach who listens deeply and helps guide you to your passions and life’s purpose. She shared practical techniques on how to break down challenging tasks into clear doable actions so I felt empowered to move professional and creative projects forward. In just a few consultations she helped energize my job hunt and reawaken my creative dreams.

Her techniques are practical, and systematic but also focused on the spiritual and well-being.


With the pandemic impacting my work and having recently moved country, I felt unclear about the future and what direction to take.
Clara helped me to see new possibilities whilst shining a spotlight on the skills, values and vision I sought for myself. She is incredibly engaging and passionate, her enthusiasm is truly infectious. I’m now looking forward to taking the appropriate steps towards creating progress and change.


Working with Clara was such a delight, and so impactful to my day-to-day at work. What really stood out about Clara compared to other coaches I’ve worked with is how prepared and engaged she was in every single session we had. She challenged me, gave me exercises, asked me thought-provoking questions, and dug deep.Clara provided me with some clear and easy-to-implement tools that made a huge difference to finding the right harmony between work and life. She has taught me the power of making small but consistent tweaks. I’ll be using what I’ve learned from my time working with Clare for the rest of my working life. Aside from that, Clara made me feel great about myself and I always felt empowered and motivated leaving our calls. Couldn’t recommend her more, and have shared her site with all of my friends!


Really got a lot of my goal setting session with Clara.
I had goals in mind that I wanted to achieve but was finding the tasks too big to start, by working with Clara to break the goal into quarterly actions it gave me more focus and motivation.
Clara also shared a lot of simple tips to integrate into my day to avoid burnout so I have more energy for my goals outside of the day job. Would highly recommend the session to anyone who wants to achieve a healthy and mindful work life balance and establish a plan on how to achieve your yearly goals.


The last few years have brought with them a lot of change, both professionally and personally. Albeit primarily positive, that change has also felt overwhelming at times. Recently I reached out to Clara Kennedy, an amazing career coach and more.

Over the last few months, Clara and I have built a plan that has helped me shape the next few years of my career while ensuring what fuels me is at the core. I can’t thank you enough Clara and would recommend everyone take the chance to give yourself a career MOT.

Clara was so helpful and I can’t recommend her enough Clara Kennedy Coaching